Basswood plantation shutters

Custom Colours:
Minimum Panel Width:
Maximum Panel Width:
Maximum Panel Height:
Special Shapes:
Blade Sizes:
Operating Style:
Warranty – Paint:
Warranty – Stain:
Warranty – Construction & Material:
Premium Basswood
13 Painted – 7 Stain Colours
Available (Limited)
Up to 1250mm
63mm, 89mm & 114mm
Sliding / Hinged / Bifold / Fixed
Internal – Indoors only
5 years
3 years
5 years

Bay View Basswood Timber Shutters suit all window types including Special Shape windows, Bay windows, large windows and Sliding doors. They are UV resistant and a natural insulator, have great sound absorption and come in 63mm, 89mm or 114mm blades. Bay View Basswood Shutters are finished with a high quality paint or stain lacquer using polyurethane which produces characteristics of hardness, strength, UV resistance, and colour retention and come in 13 painted finishes and 7 stained and lacquered finishes. Shutters are perfect for any areas that need privacy, light control, air flow, and temperature control.


CW Systems is a family business, originally established in 1998. Through continual development and innovation, it has proven to be a successful entity, wholesaling products of quality and value in every detail to the window furnishing and sun shading industry. CW Systems vision is to become the preferred supplier for window furnishing solutions through their superior customer service and a comprehensive range of products

Technical Specifications

• Brand: CW Systems
• Material: Basswood Premium
• Construction: Mortise & Tenon Assembly
• Joint System: Finger Joined for a stronger joining system
• Application: Indoor, Non-Wet Areas
• Control options: Slimline Aluminium control bar or centre control
• Colours: 13 paint colours – 7 stained lacquered colours
• Custom Paint: Available (Limited)
• Paint Type: 2 Pac Polyurethane – Valspar
• Stain Process: Stained then lacquered


• Custom Made to each individual opening for a perfect fit
• Cooler in summer & warmer in winter
• UV resistant and a natural insulator
• Special shaped shutters are available
• Blade sizes – 63mm – 89mm – 114mm
• Hinged, Sliding or Bifold
• Durable
• Hidden recessed magnets
• Tension adjustable screw to allow the adjustment of blades
• Adjustable hinges are designed with a removable pin allowing trouble free installation
• ECO Friendly


We recommend all our shutters are installed by our professional tradesman. Please contact one of our friendly staff in our showrooms for further support.


As a general guide we recommend cleaning your shutters regularly. Keep shutters free from dust & dirt.

• Dusting using an antistatic dust cloth, feather duster or vacuum using a soft brush attachment.
• To remove persistent dirt or stains use a soft slightly damp cloth with a mild soapy solution & dry immediately.
• Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrub/rub shutters harshly. The finish may be affected.
• Keep sliding & bifold tracks free from dust & dirt. Use Silicone Spray if needed on tracks ONLY. Do not spray on shutters.
• Rotate blades regularly – If they are too stiff or loose – Adjust the tension screw located on the side of the panels. Only slightly adjust screw and test until desired tension is reached.

Operating Instructions

• When rotating blades – Tilt two blades at the same time from the centre of the section of blades.
• To hinge open panels, tilt open blades and pull the fixed stile part of the panel. Never open or close the panels by the blades.
• To avoid damage to the frame, larger panels should be assisted by lifting into frame. Lift by the stile or under the mid rail.
• Do not put hands through the blades to access the window.
• On Bi-Fold Shutters – Blades must be closed before panels are folded back.


Construction, Material & Paint Warranty
Painted = 5 years
Stained = 3 years

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