Vueline Fixed Aluminum Shutters

Custom Colours:
Minimum Panel Width:
Maximum Panel Width:
Maximum Panel Height:
Special Shapes:
Blade Sizes:
Operating Style:
Warranty – Paint:
Warranty – Construction & Material:
Standard, Custom & Wood Look
Available (Limited)
Up to 1500mm
Rake (uneven sides only)
90mm & 115mm
Sliding / Hinged / Fixed
7 years
7 years

Fixed Aluminium Shutters

Privacy Solutions For Patios, Balconies, Verandahs & Windows

The Vueline Fixed Series is a fixed blade range of panels that utilises the same elliptical blade of the Operable Series while providing an aesthetically appealing privacy barrier.

A 3mm side extrusion maximises light control and a 30mm channel top and bottom allows for fixed blade panels to be side, hinged of fixed in place.

Vueline Fixed Series Screens can be hinged or on sliding track for openings, or simply fixed into position.

With the appeal of the aerofoil shaped blade, Vueline Fixed Series Aluminium Screening adds value, style and privacy where you want it.

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