Vueline aluminum operable shutters

Custom Colours:
Minimum Panel Width:
Maximum Panel Width:
Maximum Panel Height:
Special Shapes:
Blade Sizes:
Operating Style:
Warranty – Paint:
Warranty – Construction & Material:
Standard, Custom & Wood Look
Available (Limited)
Up to 1350mm
Rake (uneven sides only)
60mm, 90mm & 115mm
Sliding / Hinged / Bifold / Fixed
Internal / External
7 years
7 years

Vueline Aluminium Operable Shutters suit most window types including, Sliding, Bifold, Fixed in place and Hinged. They come in 60mm, 90mm, 115mm & * 150mm blades. Vueline Aluminium Operable Shutters are finished with a powder coated or Anodised ‘finish and come in standard colours, Australian & international wood grain colours & many custom colours. Shutters are perfect for any areas that need privacy, light control, air flow, and temperature control.


CW Systems is a family business, originally established in 1998. Through continual development and innovation, it has proven to be a successful entity, wholesaling products of quality and value in every detail to the window furnishing and sun shading industry. CW Systems vision is to become the preferred supplier for window furnishing solutions through their superior customer service and a comprehensive range of products

Technical Specifications

• Brand: CW Systems – Vueline
• Type: Operable
• Material: Aluminium
• Construction (imported): Powder coated extruded Aluminium end caps to blades & stiles
• Construction (local): Colour Nylon caps to blades & stiles
• Control options: Slimline Aluminium control bar or centre control
• Application: Internal & External
• Control options: T section Clearview bar
• Colours: Standard, Custom & Wood Look Colours (see chart)
• Custom Paint: Available (Limited)
• Paint Type: Imported = Powder Coated – Local = Powder Coated & Anodised


Vueline Aluminium Operable Shutters are stylish and are created to blend in with your chosen décor. Be assured that these shutters are made to last. They are durable & made with quality materials. With so many options to create extended entertaining areas to bring the outdoors in and low in maintenance, Vueline Aluminium Operable Shutters will enhance your homes image & value.
• Custom Made to each individual opening for a perfect fit
• All weather use
• External & Internal
• Blade sizes – 60mm – 90mm – 115mm & *150mm
• Hinged, Sliding, Fixed or Bifold
• Durable
• Tension adjustable screw to allow the adjustment of blades
* 150mm Blades only available in local made shutters

Optional Features

• Keyable Handle Locks
• Flush Bolts
• Patio Bolts
• Key Locks


We recommend all our shutters are installed by our professional tradesman. Please contact one of our friendly staff in our showrooms for further support.


The effects of ultra violet light, pollution, dirt, grime and salt, can all accumulate on your powder coated surface over time. To extend the effective life of powder coatings and protect any warranty requirements that may exist, a very simple regular maintenance program should be implemented. Cleaning should take place every 6 months, however, in coastal or industrial regions, cleaning should take place every 3 months.

• Carefully remove any loose deposits with a wet sponge
• Use a soft, non-abrasive brush or cloth, and a mild household detergent solution to remove dust, salt and other deposits
• Rinse off with clean fresh water
• Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrub/rub shutters harshly. The finish may be affected.
• Keep sliding & bifold tracks free from dust & dirt. Use Silicone Spray if needed on tracks ONLY. Do not spray on shutters.
• Rotate blades regularly – If they are too stiff or loose – Adjust the tension screw located on the side of the panels. Only slightly adjust screw and test until desired tension is reached.

Operating Instructions

• When rotating blades – Tilt two blades at the same time from the centre of the section of blades.
• Do not put hands through the blades to access the window.
• On Bi-Fold Shutters – Blades must be closed before panels are folded back.


• Paint Warranty = 7 years
• Construction & Material = 7 years

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