Kronoswiss 8mm Rift

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Laminate Floating Floor
20 Years Limited Residential / 2 Years Commercial
Bevelled Edge
Valinge 5G Click System

Kronoswiss is a Swiss manufacturer of leading quality laminates. They have an emphasis on attractive interior decors with an interior design philosophy of starting from the “ground up”. Kronoswiss’ state of the art manufacturing facilities bring superior Swiss precision, reliability, sustainability and innovation to every plank.

Board type
Laminate flooring is a modern, convenient and robust floating floor system that mimics the charm of nature with a realistic imitation timber décor.
• Highly scratch resistant Melamine resin coating
• Coating impregnates a printed imitation timber décor and is realistically textured
• A microbevel safeguards against premature edge wear while giving contrast to each plank
• Core is strong, high quality HDF giving superior stability
• Click-lock joint system on all sides
• Most packs have a few ‘nested lengths’ which are shorter pieces designed to randomise the laying pattern

Installation summary
Laminate floorboards are typically suitable for floating with underlay on a flat, dry, waterproofed and structural subfloor such as plywood, particleboard, existing timber floorboards or concrete slabs. They come pre-finished with a click-lock joint system and are designed to be DIY friendly for most normal dwellings. If you are unsure about installation, we encourage you to contact us with questions.

Laminates consist of a HDF core which is made from pulped wood. This makes HDF a truly renewable resource, a mature tree is harvested, a young tree grows in its place and a few decades later is ready for harvesting again. Material is sourced from plantations or regrowth forests and is often recovery from the timber industry, reclaiming material from an already ultra-sustainable industry. Forests are carefully, conservatively managed to ensure a responsible amount of wood is harvested. HDF uses a relatively small amount of energy during processing compared to other building materials like metals and concrete, the HDF itself is a carbon storer.

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