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Laminate Floating Floor
15 Year Wear
Square Edge
Low Sheen
1.824m² per box

Clix Laminate Flooring

Your dream floor at a real world price.

Clix gives you the style and durability you want for your home, at a price you will love.

Clix is manufactured in Europe from the finest materials, and with attention to every detail, providing unsurpassed ease of installation and quality of finish.

Clix will stand up to almost anything you can throw at it, with its high density panels and tough melamine finish.

Its hygienic surface will not hold onto dirt or bacteria, and provides a low maintenance surface your family can live with.

Clix is certified low emission and environmentally friendly, so thinking green has never been easier.

With 7 striking decors, now everyone can have their dream floor.


Preventative Care

• Placing colour-fast dirt trapping mats at all external entrances will help to keep dirt and grit off your floor as well as absorbing any excess moisture.
• Use high density felt floor protectors on the underside of all moving furniture or furniture that may be moved from time to time to help prevent premature wear and scratches.
• Install protective, clear vinyl chair mats under any office chairs or castor wheels that may be used in areas where Clix is installed. Avoid plastic wheel use.
• When moving heavy furniture or items back into position after the installation has been completed, use protective sheets on the surface of your floor and avoid sliding or dragging furniture or appliances into place.

Regular Maintenance
• Vacuum (bristles down) or sweep your floor regularly to remove grit or objects that may scratch the surface of your floor , use a dust mop or wipe with a damp cloth.
• Any spills should be wiped off the surface of the floor as soon as they occur.
• When cleaning your floor, use Premium Laminate Maintenance Kit as directed on the back of the pack. This kit has been designed specifically for your flooring. It is important that you do not use soap-based detergents or “supermarket type cleaners”, as these may leave a dull film on your floor that can be extremely difficult to remove (sometimes impossible).
• Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring powder on your floor and never wax or polish your floor. Never use a steam mop on your floor.
• Laminate flooring, like other types of smooth floors, can become slippery when wet. Wipe any cleaning moisture off the floor immediately after cleaning using a clean towel or rag. Immediately wipe up wet areas from spills, foreign substances, or moisture from wet feet.

A Laminate Friendly Environment
Keeping your internal environment “laminate friendly” is important. The area should be well ventilated, occupied and protected from extreme sunlight and extreme swings of humidity and temperature. Failure to provide such an environment can lead to fading, excessive expansion / contraction (gaps) or noisy floors.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

15 Year Residential Wear Warranty
All Clix Floor laminate flooring is sold with a 15 Year Residential Wear Warranty from the date of purchase.

Who is covered?
The original purchaser is covered. In the case that a builder or developer purchases the flooring, the occupant of the residential home 12 months after purchase of the flooring will be entitled to cover under this warranty, effective from the date of the initial purchase.

What is covered?
This warranty covers wear through of the surface of the floor (show through of the HDF core) in an single area greater than 4cm2 within 15 years. Clix Floor Laminate Flooring Installation Instructions must be followed closely when installing your Clix Floor Floor and Clix Floor Laminate Flooring Care & Maintenance Guidelines should be followed at all times after your flooring is installed. Installation instructions can be found inside each pack of Clix Floor Flooring and Care & Maintenance Guidelines can be obtained by contacting Floorboards Online at any time.

What is not covered?
• Wear that may be directly associated with water or liquid damage from any source, moisture ingress from any source into the core or indentations.
• Wear that may be associated with improper installation or improper maintenance.
• Damage, intentional or accidental, caused by water, abuse, misuse, stiletto heels, dragged objects, heavy furniture, sand, stones, castor wheels dropped items etc.
• Scratches or surface marks / stains.
• Labour charges associated with any rectification work. In some cases, reasonable labour costs may be considered, at the sole discretion of the distributor’s authorised representative.
• Any costs associated with any rectification work required other than the supply of new flooring and scotia beading if necessary. Re-painting, removal of fixtures or furniture, accommodation and any other cost is specifically excluded from this warranty.
• Of course, boards that are visibly faulty or deemed visually or structurally inappropriate prior to installation should not be installed and are therefore also not covered by this or, to the extent allowed by law, any other warranty.

How to evoke a claim?
To evoke a claim under this warranty, communication with Floorboards Online must be made. Proof of purchase will be required when contact with Floorboards Online is made. The retailer will then contact Premium Floors Australia P/L or an authorized third party to arrange an inspection of the flooring installed, shortly after which a determination will be made regarding the warranty claim. Only duly authorised representatives of the manufacturer / distributor can authorise a claim. If a claim is authorised, remedies will be tailored to suit individual circumstances. Remedies can vary depending on the condition of the floor and warrant-able area from full floor replacement to the repair of individual boards. The remedy on each claim will be at the sole discretion of Premium Floors Australia P/L. Should board replacement be necessary, new boards from the current batch will be supplied to replace or repair boards. This warranty is in addition to, and has no impact on, statutory rights of any purchaser. Claims must be lodged by contacting Floorboards within 15 days of the problem being noticed. Clix Floor Laminate Flooring Warranty Terms & Conditions Australian Consumer Law

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Acceptable Quality
Clix Floor Laminate Flooring is fit for use in internal environments / installations and should not be used externally. Furthermore, Clix Floor Laminate Flooring should not be directly adhered to a sub-floor and must be installed as a floating floor. Clix Floor Laminate Flooring should be installed in a “laminate flooring friendly environment” in which the area is occupied, protected from direct heat and sunlight and where heating and cooling systems are in place and used to control the internal temperatures and humidity. Clix Floor Laminate Flooring should not be installed in wet areas including bathrooms, toilets, areas or rooms where a floor waste (water drain) is present or required. Residential kitchens are not considered as wet areas. Obviously, Clix Floor Laminate Flooring should be installed as per the installation instructions (found inside each carton) and maintained in accordance with the Care & Maintenance Guidelines (available from Floorboards Online).

Major Failure
Clix Floor Laminate Flooring is resistant to chips, scratches, stains and wear but not “proof” in any respect (i.e. scratch proof) and reasonable care should be taken to avoid scratching chips & damage from occurring. In addition, some gloss variation between boards installed may occur. Clix Floor is made using High Density Fibreboard in the core of the product and that this wood based material can be susceptible to seasonal movement, creating small gaps between the joins of each board. Note that small gaps, gloss variation, scratches and chips are NOT considered as major failure. They are considered part of purchasing a laminate floor. These definitions are not intended to reduce or diminish the statutory rights of any purchaser.

As the warranties for Clix Floor Laminate Flooring deal only with the manufactured goods, installation warranties should be sought from the installation company or individual completing the installation.

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