Verdura French Bleed Bamboo

Joint System:
Surface Finish:
Pack Coverage Area:
Pack Weight:
Boards Per Pack:
Janka Rating:
VOC Rating:
Moisture Content:
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Bamboo Floating Floor
20 Year Wear / Lifetime Structural
Micro-Bevelled Edge
1.499m² per box
E0 <0.01ppm
U-French Bleed

Bamboo is fast growing, taking only 4-5 years on average to mature. It is an eco-friendly resource and a perfect renewable alternate to timber flooring. A strict selection from raw material to finished product. Verdura Bamboo floor’s consistent density, colour and moisture content ensure your finished floor is a masterpiece.


Preference floors have earnt a reputation as a dependable and down-to-earth manufacturer who stand behind their products. A 100% Australian owned company who humbly supply elegant and great quality Engineered, Bamboo, Cork, Laminate and Vinyl floorboards. Preference lets their products do the talking.

Technical Specifications

• Brand: Preference – Verdura Bamboo
• Type: Floating Floor
• Installation: Glueless on top of underlay
• Dimensions: 1850L x 135W x 14mmD
• Pack size: 1.499 sqm/ctn, 6pcs/box
• Finish: Semi-Gloss – KLUMPP Waterbase Polyurethane
• Edging: Micro Bevelled Edge
• Joint System: Patented Lock System
• Janka Rating: 15.0
• VOC: E1


Verdura is a cold pressed solid bamboo board and is durable & stable & considered one of the most densest and hardest bamboo flooring available in the market. Featuring a Patented click system to make installation very easy and convenient. All Verdura bamboo products are finished with 8 layers of KLUMPP waterbase polyurethane with a semi-gloss finish. It is easy to maintain for your convenience.

• A grade quality sustainable raw materials
• Stringent selection process to ensure grain & colour matching
• Low VOCs
• End Matching Drop Lock System
• ECO Friendly

Installation Summary

Vedura Bamboo Flooring is suitable for indoor use, floating on a 100% flat, dry, waterproofed and structural subfloor such as plywood, particleboard, existing timber floorboards or concrete slabs. We recommend a 12-15mm expansion gap around perimeters, pipes, kitchen island bench & connecting section to other types of flooring. Vedura is a floating floor system, and a suitable underlay with a plastic moisture barrier should be used. During installation it is best to mix up the panels sufficiently so that there are not too many similar boards together. Ensure that the end joints of the panels in 2 successive rows are never in line, they should be staggered by at least 20 cm. For larger areas over 6m in width & 11m length an expansion joint will be needed. The panels have end matching click system which makes installation easy. On completion of installing your floor Install skirting or scotia over the 10 – 15mm gap, fasten these to the wall only, never to the flooring itself. In places where profiles or skirtings cannot be placed, fill the expansion gaps with an elastic filler. We recommend installation by a professional installer. If you are unsure about installation, we encourage you to contact us with questions. For full instructions please see Installation Instructions.


As a general guide we recommend: Daily/weekly: Vacuum, sweep or use an antistatic mop to remove dust and dirt. How often you clean the floor is dependent on the amount of traffic and the amount of dirt carried onto the floor.

• Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Use blinds or drapes to minimise exposure
• Sweep or vacuum your floor regularly (at least once a week) to remove loose dirt and dust
• Install quality matts at every door in connection with outside
• Wipe up spills immediately to avoid damage
• Mop regularly using a recommended wood floor cleaner and a damp well wrung out mop
• Do not steam mop
• Use felt floor protector pads (not rubber) under furniture legs
• Never drag furniture over the floor. Always lift them and place them in position


• An extensive range of trims, coloured scotia and stair nosing are available, please check for availability.


• 20 year wear warranty
• Lifetime Structural Warranty

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