Solid timber floors

Timber in its truest natural from. A building should provide a lifetime of satisfaction. Warm, clean and attractive, living on a genuine timber floor has many benefits. Solid timber is a robust, tried and true flooring system that is still one of the most hardy floor types available. After long use, when the floor eventually becomes run-down, a solid timber floor can be re-sanded and coated back to its original beauty. Next century's classical buildings will be those present-day contemporary masterpieces containing stunning solid timber floors.

Solid timber floors include hardwood strip floorboards in 19mm and overlay varieties, a wide range of parquetry options, decking & cladding for outdoors and timber planks for stairs or other timber uses.

Long planks of 19mm thick structural floorboards laid in parallel rows. End matched tongue & groove joints. An enduring floor type in fashion & function

A thinner alternative floorboard which retains a thick wear segment and tongue & groove joints. Particularly well suited to apartments & flat subfloors.

Loose blocks of solid timber which are arranged on-site. Thick wear segment. Combine species, patterns, grades & finishes for endless design options

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