Swish Paris Natural Oak

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Swish Paris Natural Oak

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Paris Natural Oak
Engineered Oak Floating Floor
Floating, glueless on top of underlay
14mm (4mm Veneer)
20 Year Wear / Lifetime Structural
Micro Bevelled Edge
Valinge 5G Lock
9 layers UV coatings Matt
2.905 sqm/ctn
E0 <0.01ppm

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Eco Flooring Systems is the leading specialist of Bamboo & Swish Oak flooring in Australia. You can have confidence knowing that you can rely on Eco Flooring Systems as sustainable suppliers, providing sustainable products from a sustainable environment for your long term wellbeing. A reputable company they have a broad range of flooring products suitable for your internal use in residential or commercial spaces including Swish Oak.

Technical Specifications

• Brand: Eco Flooring – Swish Oak
• Dimensions: 2200 x 220 x 14/4mm
• Pack size: 2.905 sqm/ctn, 6pcs/box
• Finish: Matt
• Edging: Micro Bevelled Edge
• Construction: 4mm French Oak top layer; 8mm spf core; 2mm pine bottom
• Installation Type: Floating, glueless on top of underlay


The Swish Oak collection has attractive 220mm wide planks, a longer, wider, more elegant plank format that enhances the wood patterns even more. This creates the impression of a more spacious interior, whilst adding a sophisticated, warn & inviting feel to you environment. They are a stylish & durable addition to complete the interiors of any home. European Oak is a popular timber species throughout the world. Timber is richly figured with knots and distinctive growth rings.
• A grade commercial quality FSC sustainable raw materials
• UV Matt lacquered/ Oiled coatings for tough and longer lasting finishes
• Ultra low VOCs that meet EO international standards for high indoor air quality
• ABCD Valinge 5G click
• Comprehensive quality control systems of 23 inspection checks for guarantee of excellence

Installation summary

Swish Oak Flooring is suitable for indoor use, floating on a 100% flat, dry, waterproofed and structural subfloor such as plywood, particleboard, existing timber floorboards or concrete slabs. We recommend a 10mm expansion gap around perimeters. Swish Oak is a floating floor system, and a suitable underlay with a plastic moisture barrier should be used. During installation it is best to mix up the panels sufficiently so that there are not too many identical boards together. Ensure that the end joints of the panels in 2 successive rows are never in line, they should be staggered by at least 30 cm. The panels will click together. On completion of installing your floor Install skirting or scotia over the 10mm gap, fasten these to the wall only, never to the flooring itself. In places where profiles or skirtings cannot be placed, fill the expansion gaps with an elastic filler. We recommend installation by a professional installer. If you are unsure about installation, we encourage you to contact us with questions. For full instructions please see Installation Instructions.


As a general guide we recommend: Daily/weekly: Vacuum, sweep or use an antistatic mop to remove dust and dirt. How often you clean the floor is dependent on the amount of traffic and the amount of dirt carried onto the floor.
• Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Use blinds or drapes to minimise exposure
• Sweep or vacuum your floor regularly (at least once a week) to remove loose dirt and dust
• Install quality matts at every door in connection with outside
• Wipe up spills immediately to avoid damage
• Mop regularly using a recommended wood floor cleaner and a damp well rung out mop
• Do not steam mop
• Use felt floor protector pads (not rubber) under furniture legs
• Never drag furniture over the floor. Always lift them and place them in position


• 25 years for private use
• 7 years – for commercial use in accordance with the Swish Oak warranty terms

Variation Disclaimer

Timber is a natural material. Variation in appearance and properties is an enticing part of designing and building with real timber! Each fibre in each plank in each project is uniquely designed by nature. We strive in good faith to present you with the most accurate portrayal of what you can expect in your timber by using images, past job portfolios, detailed information and samples, the other part of this responsibility is advising you that your timber's appearance WILL vary from these guides. Please use this information as a guide only.

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Installation Instruction

Product Warranty

Technical Specifications

Unit:2.904 sqm / pack
Price: 94.95 / box 32.70 / sqm