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Flooring Services

It is obvious how significant a floor is to a home. Life starts at a crawl, soon we are taking our first steps and our families continue to grow and live on our floors. We understand the need for floors that will compliment living and we have always taken great pride and care in building such floors.


A great floor begins with understanding how the floor will be used and any requirements are considered. A plan is then made to meet these needs. Traffic, sustainability, floor size, adjoining dwellings, colour & figure preferences, feel, texture, comfort, cost, convenience, timeframes, moisture and subfloor are all considered and we are here to guide you through. No matter how unique the factors of each job are, the fundamental goal never changes, each customer should and will receive the best suited floor with the least possible hassle.

A product is then found to meet these requirements. It could be a tried and true magnificent Australian hardwood, a convenient and durable hi-tech laminate or a plush, soft and quiet wool carpet. You can read all about our wide range on our product pages, you may consult our helpful staff and visit our showrooms.

We can take the hassle out of delivery and carry-ins. Any site preparation, levelling, subfloor work, acoustic underlay or material preparation can be completed by us, much of this will have been planned ahead of time but our team is experienced and dynamic enough to deal with unexpected situations as they develop (this is the nature of the building industry). The work completed in this stage will not be visible in the finished floor. You can trust that our dedicated team will be making a functional foundation for your floor, we do not cut corners.

We have been fortunate enough to team up with the best expert craftspeople in the business. Day after day, they deliver the highest standards of work and hence we hold them in very high regard. One of our specialised teams (floorboard installers, parquetry artisans, carpet fitters, sanders) will handle your installation with a combination of experience and ingenuity.

The finishing touches are treated with just as much care. There is a wide variety of skirting and trim solutions and just as many tricks of the trade to seamlessly integrate your floor to the house. Stairs for example can be especially difficult to get perfect, yet a beautiful staircase is often a centrepiece in the design of a room. This is just another reason to rely on the talent of our tradesmen. The jobsite will be left tidy with all rubbish removed.

We are always committed to after-sales support. Advice on cleaning and maintaining your floors is just one enquiry away.

Contact us or visit a showroom to begin your flooring project.