Decking service

Indoors and outdoors, the irregular diversity of nature vs the structured order of the man-made. These things need not be in conflict. Using timber harnesses the rugged beauty and resilience of the natural world for use in civilisation. What better way to harmonise the transition of your living space with the great outdoors than to use the best material that nature has to offer? It is hubris to see the human world and the natural world in conflict, indeed, we humans are PART of natural creation after all. Decks, cladding and more generally outdoor design principles should reflect this.

Harmony aside, timber is a superior choice for outdoor construction in its own right. Strong, durable, resistant to chemical attack and UV degradation, not hot on sunny days, not slippery on wet days, comfortable and beautiful. We only use rated class 1 or class 2 (outdoor above ground use) natural durability timbers (resistance to insects and rot). Class 2 gives 15-40 years probable life expectancy while class 1 timbers are 40+ years. Australian timbers are especially hardy compared with timber from around the world, probably reflecting the harshness of the Australian environment. You can read more about our decking on our product page.


Because of the harshness of the great outdoors, it is not only essential to use quality timber, but also to ensure that it is built correctly. Careful measures need to be taken to safeguard against insect attack, fungal attack (rot), weathering and fire and to ensure structural integrity and that fixings do not fail. We are here to help you through the process, beginning with the consideration of your desires and requirements, organising a check, measure & quote (if needed), installation by one of our skilled teams and finally, in the enjoyment of your new deck for years to come.

We can cater for corrosion resistant fixings with nails, countersunk screws or hidden fastening solutions. Residential or commercial decks.

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