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Check, measure & quote

If you are looking at getting a big job done, then you want to ensure that all factors have been carefully considered by an experienced and dedicated industry expert. We understand that careful planning and consideration is necessary to achieve a high level of quality in a finished job. SE Timber can provide you with a free full check, measure and quote on-site in Sydney and Melbourne. We send out the most experienced members of our team, (accompanied by an installer when necessary) to ensure that all factors are considered and to structure a well-informed plan. This safeguards as much as possible against nasty surprises coming up when the installation starts.


An on-site inspection allows our estimators to check any or all of the below:

  • Moisture conditions
  • Subfloor levels, construction and health
  • Accurate measurements
  • Trims and accessories required
  • Acoustic requirements
  • Carry-in conditions
  • Endless other factors that could affect the job

Alternatively, we can estimate based off a clear and detailed floor plan and with information provided by yourself.

Contact us to organise an obligation-free check measure and quote service. If possible, remember to allow a time buffer to ensure an available slot.