Livyn Balance Click Artisan Planks Grey


Livyn Balance Click Artisan Planks Grey

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Vinyl Floating Floor
20 Year Wear
Beveled Edge
Uniclic Multifit

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Quick-step, the manufacturer of the Livyn Vinyl range, is a market leader in quality floating floor products. They were the first manufacturer to use a click-lock joint system (Uniclic) which revolutionised the market, today they remain at the forefront of flooring technology with numerous innovations. Quick-Step are just as obsessive over the visual design of their products with an enormous selection of stylish creations. Leading innovation in performance, convenience and aesthetics.

Technical Specifications

• Brand: Quick-Step Livyn Balance Click
• Dimensions: 1251 x 187 x 4.5mm
• Pack size: 2.105 sqm/ctn, 9pcs/box
• Finish: Matt
• Edging: V Groove
• Slip resistance:
• Uniclic Multifit
• Class 32


Balance Click is a collection of 8 beautiful plank floors with the patented 'Uniclic Multifit for Livyn' click system for fast and easy installation. The V-grooved panels create a sense of space and enhance the authentic plank effect.
• Protective PU top coat protecting them against dirt, stains & scratches
• A transparent wear layer offers maximum protection against wear & tear
• Authentic and Realistic Timber look
• Water and Stain resistant
• Slip and Sound resistant
• Eco-friendly
• Warm & Soft under foot
• Enjoy the beauty of real timber features without harming a single forest
• Durable
• Compatible with under floor heating


• Suitable for wet area
• Quiet underfoot
• Won’t warp or bow
• Fast installation
• DIY or Professional installation
• Suitable for light commercial
• Latest colours and designs

Installation summary

Vinyl Flooring is suitable for indoor use, floating on a 100% flat, dry, waterproofed and structural subfloor such as plywood, particleboard, existing timber floorboards or concrete slabs. It is also suitable for installation over ceramic tiles & terrazzo. We recommend a 2mm expansion gap around perimeters. Livyn Balance Click is a floating floor system and the special Quick-Step Livyn underlay should be used. During installation it is best to mix up the panels sufficiently so that there are not too many identical boards together. Simply cut with a utility knife. Ensure that the end joints of the panels in 2 successive rows are never in line, they should be staggered by at least 30 cm. The panels will click together. Slide the planks together horizontally. Slightly lift the plank to be installed by holding your hand underneath. Push the short side joint down gently with your thumb moving from the inner corner towards the outside until you hear a “click”. Ensure the short side ends are closed by knocking gently on the short side click connection with your wrist. Don’t use a hammer or tapping block as it may possible harm your click connection. This is the easiest method for fitting the Uniclic® Multifit for Livyn click panels. On completion of installing your floor Install skirting or scotia over the 2mm gap, fasten these to the wall only, never to the flooring itself. In places where profiles or skirtings cannot be placed, fill the expansion gaps with an elastic filler. In wet areas like bathrooms or laundries, a silicon bead can be used to seal the perimeter from moisture. They are designed to be DIY friendly for most normal dwellings. If you are unsure about installation, or need to install with under floor heating, or would like full instructions on how to install, we encourage you to contact us with questions.


Quick-Step Livyn floors are designed for your comfort and carefree enjoyment. Their sealed surface and protective PU coating help to avoid dirt and stains, and because they are completely waterproof, you can simply and safely clean them with a wet cloth.
• Keep Quick-Step Livyn Vinyl Planks in a climate-controlled indoor area, between 18° - 30°C
• Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Use blinds or drapes to minimise exposure
• Sweep or vacuum your Livyn floor regularly (at least once a week) to remove loose dirt and dust
• Install quality matts at every door in connection with outside
• Wipe up spills immediately to avoid stains
• Mop regularly using a bottle of Quick-Step cleaning product or using a neutral detergent or mild vinyl cleaner diluted in water with a damp well rung out mop.
• Do not steam mop
• Use felt floor protector pads (not rubber) under furniture legs
• Never drag furniture over the floor. Always lift them and place them in position


• 20 Year Wear Warranty / Lifetime Structural – Residential
• 5 years – light commercial – on application ONLY

Downloadable Technical Specifications & Tests




Unit:2.105 sqm / pack
Price: 49.50 / box 23.52 / sqm