Laminate floors

Stylish flooring that can withstand life's abuses. Laminates offer superior scratch resistance and affordability with realistic decors.

Laminates consist of an imitation digital timber print impregnated with a resilient melamine resin coating over a HDF base. The melamine gives the highest scratch resistance of any floorboard type and can be manufactured with realistic timber textures. Laminate is also quite affordable compared to other flooring types. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with cheap and nasty laminates that race to the bottom of price and quality. These inferior quality laminates usually fall apart within a few years. We only use good quality laminates from manufacturers that we have been working with for many years. Some of our brands are so robust that they are suitable for withstanding super high traffic commercial applications, let alone your house.

A minimal brand with a focus on value while still delivering stylish, low sheen decors & adequate Belgium-made quality

Popular Australian timber decors with different choices of gloss levels & board size

The Preference Classic range is a collection of popular Australian & International timber decors with a smooth gloss finish

The Preference Oakleaf range offers a wide selection of stained Oak decors with a textured matt finish

Quick-Step's most economical Belgium-made range with a great choice of stained oak & other timber decors in textured matt & low sheen finishes

Quick-Step's Belgium-made Eligna occupies the middle range of size & cost. A vast range of stained oak & exotic decors with textured matt finishes

Quick-Step's Belgium-made Largo range shows off the beauty of their decors in oak & other hardwood with the longest & widest planks & textured matt finishes

A unique Belgium-made brand where the timber decor is printed directly to the HDF giving a more realistic / natural hardwood appearance

A Swiss manufacturer of high quality laminates. Available in a wide range of sizes & styles. With stylish & realistic decors & colours

Highly water resistant, extraordinarily realistically textured & durable Matt Oak decors. Impressive Ultra is Quick-Step Belgium's most advanced laminate

The planks of Majestic floors will make a big impression with their true-to-nature colours and textures, as well as extreme water resistance.

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