Blinds & shutters

A window covering is all about taking control. They provide an opening to view the scenic surroundings outside, but we don’t always want light or eyes to find their way into our homes. Blinds, Shutters, venetians and externals are an elegant way to gain this control all while enhancing the view rather than obstructing it. The Australian elements can be harsh and our products are correspondingly durable with a focus on resistance to UV degradation and mechanical wear. Automation is available for the modern smart home.

We offer several options in window coverings, Blinds, Shutters and Venetians which each have a variety of styles. You can also get robust external blinds, venetians and mechanised awnings.

Blades of timber, Aluminium or polymer provide light control & thermal insulation. Many designs to suit any shape window or door, indoors & outdoors

A wide selection of materials made into a variety of forms. Many types of blinds have been developed worldwide to control light & enhance window design

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