Bamboo floors

An alternative flooring material, Bamboo is very similar to timber and has some properties that make it well suited to flooring.

Strand woven Bamboo consists of bamboo strips entwined together under high pressure and heat to form an extremely strong and hard product. Bamboo being a woody plant retains a warm comfortable feel underfoot and the randomness of the strand pattern give quite a natural un-artificial figure. The hardness of Bamboo is comparable to some of the hardest commercial timbers used worldwide. Because of the great strength of Bamboo, extra care is needed during installation to counteract expansion stresses.

A market leader in stylish and durable bamboo floors. The collection has a great choice of colours and surface textures with abrasion resistant coatings

Verdura has proven itself a hardy, well reputed bamboo brand with a large selection of beautiful colours and surface textures

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