Vinyl plank

Stylish flooring that will stand up to life's abuses. Vinyl planks have great durability, are completely water proof and have realistic decors.

Vinyl planks are often glued down directly to the subfloor but some of the thicker varieties have click-lock joint systems and can be floated without glue. The vinyl planks possess a realistic & textured timber décor on top.

The Livyn Collection has a choice of Uni-Click Multifit Planks which can be floated or a glue-down vinyl system for a sturdy under foot feel. Both boasting Quick-Step's enduring hardiness & fashionable designs.

The Preference Legacy brand is a versatile Vinyl design which can be floated or glued down. There is a wide selection of textured decors available

Natural Impressionist has a stunning visual effect that is quiet underfoot & can be laid over almost any flat dry surface including wet areas. Available in 8 modern colours

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