Floating floors

Convenience has become ever increasingly important. With our busy lives, there is a great importance to complete floor projects with the highest level of efficiency and the least hassle. The flooring industry has evolved to meet this need. There are now many floor types that are available which provide the benefits of a timber floor without the need to direct fix or sand or coat. Transport, moisture barriers, acoustic underlays, installation, trims all become easier with floating floors. This simpler construction method can save money in transport, installation and lessens the cost of you and your belongings being out your home while the floors are installed. Finally, Floating floors meet the high demand for floorboards in apartments, they are easy to transport up to higher floors, they are easy to store, compatible with many acoustic systems and are highly suited to installation over concrete slabs.

There is a lot of variety among the different kinds of floating floors, each with its own benefits. Laminates and Vinyl planks offer great abrasion and scratch resistance, more-so than any other floorboard. Bamboo is extremely hard (comparable to the hardest commercial timbers) and therefore has superior dent resistance. Engineered floors use real timber having a wide choice of properties and visual figure.