Vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular timber-alternative flooring choices for today’s household and commercial properties. The combination of the natural tones of beautiful Australian timbers and accessibility of synthetic planks have made vinyl flooring a much sought after flooring option.

Waterproof and Moisture Resistant

The synthetic material of vinyl floorboards makes it more waterproof and moisture resistant than traditional wooden flooring. As a result of its water resistant properties, vinyl flooring has been a popular choice for the kitchen, laundry and bathroom for many households. These floorboards stay strong against full flooding, simply falling right back to place after the water has been drained.

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DIY Friendly Installation

Without the need for staples or nails, vinyl flooring installation couldn’t be anymore simple. These floorboards are thin and flexible making the removal process as fast and simple as the installation. Whether it be loose lay vinyl or tongue and groove click lock, vinyl flooring is extremely DIY friendly.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl floorboards are scratch and scuff resistant, making it a carefree and low maintenance flooring option. Your vinyl floorboards can easily be maintained with the simple pairing of a washable microfiber cloth and product specific cleaning products. The protective PU coating layer on the flooring also means that your flooring is protected from dirt and stains.

Versatile styles

The qualities of vinyl flooring don’t end at its functionality, the aesthetic possibilities are endless. The versatility of timber colouring and pattern isn’t lost with vinyl floorboards. From classic spotted gum to contemporary light oak, you’ll find the perfect timber-alternative with vinyl floorboards. With so many options, you’re bound to find the right vinyl flooring to compliment your home or commercial property.

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Click Lock Vinyl

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of natural and realistic looking wood and complete water resistant flooring, then you’re definitely looking for click lock vinyl flooring. Be it natural wood grains or v-grooves, click lock vinyl flooring isn’t short of natural wood appeal.

The durability of click vinyl flooring lies with its extra layers of scratch and stain protection. The increased protection keeps your vinyl floors looking brand new for years to come. Even if you decide to replace your vinyl floorboards, the removal process is just as simple as the installation.

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The floorboards are designed to fit together seamlessly making your DIY installation quick and easy. Simply match your floorboards to each other, use the middle of the room as a guide and start laying from one side of the room to other. The process ensures no gaps, making it even easier to maintain and less likely to build up dirt and dust.

Loose lay Vinyl

This non-click vinyl flooring is laid side by side typically without any flooring glue. Loose lay planks or sheets are slightly thicker than click lock vinyls giving it that extra cushion and insulation under the feet.

The thicker texture of loose lay vinyls also help with laying the sheets flat, making it easier for you to install yourself. Loose lay vinyl planks sit tightly against the walls, without the need for an expansion gap as they don’t expand or contract. The combination of heavier planks and tight laying placement, means the flooring is less likely to move or shift no matter if you walk, run or jump on them. However, when installing on larger areas, flooring glue is suggested to help keep the planks in place.

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When it comes to corners and spaces that are typically more difficult to shape hardwood planks to, you can cut your loose lay vinyl sheets with ease to match your needs. If you find that the shape of your selected room is too difficult for you to install yourself, the expense of hiring a professional is just as cost efficient as a result of loose lay vinyl flooring’s straightforward installation process.

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