Have you ever walked into a house and wondered what people have hidden under their floorboards?

If the height of your floors isn’t going to be too much of issue, using the space underneath floorboards is a great way to store things out of sight. So we’ve been trawling for unique storage options that make use of the space under our feet.

Covered Storage

We all know the type – they’re in every old movie where someone has to hide quickly and quietly. It’s just a simple matter of pulling back to the conveniently shaped and placed rug before climbing into a soundproofed, human-sized hiding hole.

A smaller hole will produce less of an echo – particularly useful if you want to store valuable items inside. We’d suggest placing them in the corner or against a wall, some place where a heavy piece of furniture would not be out of place.

Large panel storage

Under floor storage using large panels is suitable for smaller rooms with little space for other furniture. The larger panels are concealed from sight, but still quite obvious to keen observers. The point of this option is not to hide valuable items, but every day items that require more storage – clothes and shoes being the best options. You’ll have to be careful when using this option to ensure that your storage areas don’t collect dust and dirt.

Stair Storage

If your stairs are covered with floorboards, then this is perhaps the most ingenious option we’ve come across.

So long as your stairs are not floating like in the picture above (and you don’t have a budding young wizard living in the cupboard under your stairs), you could essentially use each stair as a storage locker.

The landing area shown above is also a great option for a larger storage area, perfect for blankets and pillows for when guests visit.