Environmentally-friendly design has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, with people becoming increasingly aware of their need to reduce their consumption of energy. One thing that caught my eye was a company selling flooring sheets that transform kinetic energy. Imagine that – powering part of your household’s energy consumption just by walking on the floor!

In 2007, a Dutch nightclub was claiming to be the first eco-friendly nightclub in the world. Powered by a combination of wind turbines and solar energy, the club was made from a high percentage of recycled material and featured a dance floor that transformed kinetic energy into a power source for the club’s electronics.

Now, not everyone will want to power a dance club in their lounge room, but what if the floor could power the lighting in your home?

A new concept design by Stephen Chan Wing Tak uses a similar technology as the kinetic dance floor. The new design utilises multiple layers over a paper battery and an OLED light board.

The power generated can be used on the boards themselves, to light the way in areas such as cinemas or airports. Alternatively, the power generated can be piped to displays and lights for stores and businesses.

Now we know it’s only a concept design and it’s intended for use in high traffic areas (like airports, shopping centres and dance clubs), but we’re still excited by the possibility of using the floor to help power a house.

I mean, not everyone that is environmentally-conscious wants to live in one of these houses made of tyres and packed earth!