We love parquetry floors here at SE Timber. They are elegant swirls of wood in creams, reds and browns. They can provide the feeling of depth within smaller living areas. Above all, they can be personalised to your taste. While we may be dreaming of a palatial house with elegant and symmetrical patterns of timber in mahogany and lime (like the image below), you can personalise your own parquetry floor in any manner you wish.

Change up the shape

This is a great option for those that still want the traditional look of hardwood flooring but with an added element of personality. Made by laser cutting wood into any shape you like, the pieces would make a great addition to a playroom for the kids.

We particularly like the jigsaw design shown below.

Use off-cuts for unique patterns and colours

This is a great option for those with an eye on their budget as well great way to add a splash of personality to your flooring. Using off-cuts from a range or woods and in a number of sizes, you can create larger square tiles that are then laid side-by-side. Even if you don’t have enough off-cuts for an entire floor, just a small square in this manner will intrigue your guests and add a touch of your own style.

(Just another note, this is an image of a tabletop, but we still like it.)

Use a spot of paint

If you’re looking to really brighten your parquetry floors, a bit of paint goes a long way. You can use a colour scheme that compliments your home, but we prefer the bold statement in the floor shown below. With the clean cream colour of the wall’s wood paneling, the bright alternating colours of the floor create a conversation.

(We realise that the floor shown below is a graphic printed on laminate flooring, but we still like the parquetry design.)

Cast it in the dye

This is, by far, our favourite option for livening up a parquetry floor. It takes a bit of elbow grease, but adding varying dyes to a number of the parquetry pieces before laying them together can create a beautiful colour palette. You can then incorporate these colours into other elements of your interior design.

Just look at this parquetry floor from Stella McCartney…