Floorboards vs Carpet: Choosing the right flooring for your home

Deciding on the sort of flooring for your house can be difficult for any homeowner. The most common question about flooring is whether to choose floorboards or carpet. Choosing the right kind of flooring is dependent not only on your family’s living habits but also on your own personal taste. The right type of flooring can provide an anchor for interior design schemes and understanding the qualities of the different materials will assist you in your choice.

The manager of SE Timber in Chatswood, Ivan Lloret, says that there are four main areas to be considered when deciding between floorboards or carpets: cleanliness, comfort, noise, and style.


The cleanliness of your floors will be dependent on your family’s habit and lifestyle. Whether you have pets that are house-trained, whether your family takes off their shoes as you enter your home and where you eat the majority of meals will all have an impact on your choice.

Timber floorboards have one large advantage over carpets – they are unlikely to be stained by spills and accidents in the home. Dust and other bacteria can settle in carpets whereas floorboards can be easily swept and mopped clean, though carpet often hides dirt and, as such, doesn’t need to be clean as often. Regular steam cleaning will help prolong the life of carpets, with most high quality carpets lasting at least 20-15 years.


Carpet is soft and warm, making it the obvious choice for those that like comfortable flooring. Homes with carpets are easier to keep warm in colder months and feel luxurious underfoot.


Floorboards can be noisy, especially in homes with more than one level. While it is easy to take steps to prevent excessive noise made from your floorboards by using a quality underlay, carpets help muffle the sounds from other areas of your house.


Though prices will undoubtedly vary between products and retailers, carpets are generally cheaper to install than floorboards. There is however, the matter of longevity. Hardwood floors can last for generations if they are properly maintained, though carpets need to be replaced regularly. The upfront cost of hardwood floors can be daunting, but the classic look of floorboards often increases home values.

The Bottom Line

No matter which option you prefer, the friendly staff at SE Timber can help you decide on flooring that is right for your home. They offer classic and elegant floorboards alongside luxurious carpets to help ensure that your flooring will never go out of style.